No.1 Brand for Professional Knife Switch Production


C-PEI NEC Corporation was founded in 1960, specializing in the production of knife switches for electricity for many years. The main products include: single/double-throw covered knife switch, single/double knife switch without cover, telecom earthing copper plate-L series, earthing terminal plate series, power terminal plate series, indoor mini-switch / socket, multifunctional plug / socket. Due to our excellent quality and safety, our products are designated for numerous manufacturers and national entities, and acknowledged by outstanding export manufacturers and foreign buyers.


Operation Philosophy


"Best Quality, customer first" is the core corporate philosophy of our company. Based on customer-oriented management and valuable corporate culture, our company emphasizes on the improvement of overall quality control, clear quality policy and objective, and the effectiveness of the quality control system. With years of knife switch manufacturing experience and expertise, our company will constantly pursue the innovation and excellent quality of the product, to meet the requirements of our customers, the laws and regulations, as well as environmental safety. Last but not least, one of our current goal is to contribute to the green energy industry.